Letter to DOJ from ASCAP and BMI Members



  • I used to play where we used to live, but up here people don't like the kind of music I play...they like either jazz or Bluegrass bands...that's it.  It's just not a popular or well-liked thing up here.  Or else I'm just ear-wrenchingly terribly at it...is that a word????  Don't know. There's one lady up the road who likes it...I gave neighbors and friends a CD I'd made (same as youtube stuff) two or three years ago and, well she's up in her 80s...I think she might be the only one who listened to it...she asked me the other day how come I didn't give any out last Christmas...I was like...well...grandson was busy in the play and it just cascaded down through all of us...we kinda forgot other Christmas stuff...and then making the CDs from the sound files is so tough I just about can't do it...then I'm thinking most people just throw them away or something anyhow...too much work and technical aggravation...but I told her I've got tons of them on youtube she could download if she wanted...she's like...are you kidding?  I don't even have a computer!  So...lol...there's my poor little fan club...lol, I guess...hanging there in the dark because of a technical chasm that keeps her from hearing it...and she actually seems to want to.  Anyhow...all the farmer markets, festivals, nursing homes, etc., have their regular musicians here...you just can't come in here and play.  I even tried churches...nope, they are enormous and formal and play weird music...nobody interested.  I had a few gigs when we first moved up here because of the Ky Archivist in the library I worked in ...somehow we met and he was really big into any music and had enough connections to send me around playing for this and that...but he left and that was the end of my playing in public.  I almost feel too disassociated from it by this point anyway...kind of gettting to be a shy hermit by this time and so I'm just glad there's presonus and youtube...lol.
  • "there’s my fan, I guess"

    Hehehehe...at least you have a human fan! I have to close the door to keep my one fan (the dog) in the room. :)

    When you say "up here" where are you talking about?
  • Yes, always good to make sure the dog doesn't walk out on us...lol.  We came up to Northern KY from SE KY.  This is a pretty weird place where we live, to me, anyway.  I'm more of a small-town type person than in this on-the-edges of urban region we are in now.  We're just used to people visiting each other, having potlucks or cookouts and jsut informal gatherings of friends and neighbers and stuff...up here...you have to go to some big formal expensive organization through traffic that makes you crazy, etc., and then they just do things in a big city way...not my thing at all.
  • OK...I thought you might have been referring to the Northeast when you said "up here". I would love to live in the rural south. My father's side of the family is originally from Culpepper, VA. I would love to have lived down there. I have many fond memories of that area from when I was a kid and we visited my grandparent's farm. I grew up in New Rochelle, NY, just outside of NYC. Been living in PA for 24+ years now. I would love to move to a quieter, friendlier area, but our business is so grounded here, I don't think that will happen.
  • Really, most of us get stuck where we end up for any kind of work.  We migrated up here to Northern Ky for steady jobs and hoping to get out of poverty...well we never made much but we really did ok, considering what we started at and how old we were when we got jobs up here. We always figured we'd go back home, but of course stuff changes bigtime and you usually find yourself stuck right where you transplanted yourself, it seems. But yeah, I sure hear ya...the hustle bustle of this place and just that you can't just be simple friends with people...you have to get out in all that traffic and go to some place all dressed up, at some specific time, pay a buncha money to park and go in there and eat or get drunk or whatever they all do...it's just nothing like living in a slower-paced, friendly and relaxed area where people don't have any place to go except to see each other.  Everybody helps their neighbors out and has a good time doing nothing...just play some music, eat a little of what everybody brought, enjoy quiet and simple times. Can't beat that.
  • <em>"it’s just nothing like living in a slower-paced, friendly and relaxed area where people don’t have any place to go except to see each other. Everybody helps their neighbors out and has a good time doing nothing…just play some music, eat a little of what everybody brought, enjoy quiet and simple times. Can’t beat that."</em>

    No, you can't beat that for sure! Where we live, I remember when you could drive a 15 mile stretch between two towns, and there was only one traffic light...and it was a blinker, and only a few establishments dotting the road. Now, on that same stretch there are no fewer than 18 traffic lights and a shopping center, strip mall or eating establishment every inch of the way. I never go out on that road after noon on week days and avoid it totally on weekends. That's what I remember about my grandparents place in VA...sitting on the porch in the evening...finding a new fishing hole...visiting neighbors...church picnics....etc. Now, time is spent rushing here and there and most socializing is done on the phone or by text. We've come a long way, and not necessarily for the good. Perhaps, I am just a dreamer....
  • I feel the same way. I keep thinking at some point people will crash from the stress and loneliness and go back to the older ways...more community and slower pace...but who knows?  If they never lived it, they might not know what's missing.
  • Here is a nice article about copyrighting music, pushed out today by CDBaby:

    <a href="https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/music-rights/copyright-for-musicians/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/music-rights/copyright-for-musicians/</a>
  • John looks like a great site !
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