Bringing Mary Home

This is another great ballad for the season.  I love to hear Red Sovine do this one.   <a href="">Bringing Mary Home</a>


  • Ooooh, chills, one of the great ones ! Such nice story almost brings tears to my eyes, good job John, love it.
    It s one song I do remember how to sing and play along from the Bluegrass Alaska days,mthanks for reminding me, got to perform this one for the country gents and ladies on Sunday.
    Nice timing on this one ,
  • Always loved this piece.  Thank you for tabbing it and I'll be working on it very soon.   Enjoy the way you did it too.
  • Thank you Ralph!
  • All that's showing up here under 'tabs & notes' is the I missing something? (Windows 7 & Firefox)
  • Actually this is only the turnaround for "Bringing Mary Home," assuming that a singer is singing the verses. I guess I need to teach the song so non-singers can play along!
  • I was thinking of playing the accompaniment for the singer.  I guess you could just cord & improvise, but it would be nice to have the tune...
  • That would be a good addition. I need to teach more backup!
  • My friend and I will be singing this at the local open jam.....I was struggling to play this along with her on guitar, but now, I am gonna do it!!!..PS----My finger tips are very sore practincing Boil them cabbage down using double stops. I do much better with shuffle but am determined to learn the double stops. New at this web site but lovin it!
  • Great song! One of the earliest I started playing and singing to.
  • Thanks Nancy! If you get a chance, upload a video to YouTube then drop the link into our "Lion's Den" forum for review. :)
  • can you transpose this to key of A? Just the intro like before? thanks
  • No problem! I've added it to the page.
  • Just perfect beginner, especially for me
  • Love this song. But it almost makes me cry?
  • I love this tune.  Used to listen to the Country Gentlemen singing it at every bluegrass festival I went to. Now I can learn to sing and play it myself.  Thanks for having it here.
  • Yes, great tune. I too remember the Country Gentlemen singing and playing that at bluegrass festivals.

  • oops guess I need to come here more often...I forgot I had posted the first comment that I the responded too....sorry.

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