What are y'all up to? # 3 (Current NEW thread)



  • fiddlewood
    edited May 21

    Thanks guys.

    @John (BGD) Yeah, we spent pretty much all our time together (his schedule, haha} I keep walking into rooms expecting him there...gonna take some getting used to.

  • I'm sure it will take some time. He was a great dog.

  • @fiddlewood I just saw this...so sorry for your loss! Pets are precious family members. I hope you're finding comfort...

  • I am...in a new pup. Meet Dash! about 1 yr old dachshund mix...just a little guy.

  • Aw he is a cutie pie! Hello Dash! Thanks for posting these pics Dave, this is great.

  • AWWWW!!! What a sweetheart! 😍 I bet he's full of hugs and energy!

  • Look at those eyes!!! He's ADORABLE. :)

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