Happy Birthday Great Scott

Happy Birthday to the guy who made the forum possible, Great Scott from parts unknown. He is currently traveling in areas with no internet but I wanted to give him a shout out on this special day.



  • Great Scott!! Happy Birthday!!

  • WOW! John, what a wonderful surprise to discover your Birthday greetings to me. I only found it today when I checked farther down the list of posts. Thanks also Frederick and Gunnar for your Birthday greetings; very much appreciated. I love the 'card', bro. Fantastic!

    I got WiFi on July 15 but only for a short time, so I couldn't stay on BGD for too long. Had to come back to the town to get it again today. Yeah, John, it's a bit primitive here, but I try to manage without going insane. I have been trying to put together a video of my travels, but even that has been a bit tricky. I've been heavily focused on completing my book, which is coming along nicely, and is now in the final editing stage. Hoping to have it published by November . . . hopefully.

    I hope everyone has been keeping well and enjoying Summer and their time making music. Stay safe and happy. GS

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