Just Moved to TN

So a couple of weeks ago I moved from Beaumont TX to Elizabethton TN! I'm now about 1 hour away from BGD headquarters, and also very near lots of bluegrass activity. I'm slowly getting unpacked and settled in


  • Welcome to the three states of TN...lol...as the saying goes. We have a place we've been fixing up for years there, but don't know how soon, if ever we could get to be neighbors...lol. Anyway, ours is more in the Knoxville area...just north of there...close to Norris Dam. Well but anyway I think you will find the folks in TN very nice and hope you love living there, Gunnar.

  • I'm in Jamestown, TN... actually I live east of there in the Big South Fork Nat'l River & Rec Area. Welcome to TN!

  • Frederick
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    Hey Gunnar, stop over to ETSU in Johnson City and see Dan Boner, director of the Bluegrass Department at the college. He'll introduce you to several hundred musicians. Hunter Berry lives there in Elizabethton and goes to church in Siam.

    You're in the heart of Bluegrass right there. Take a run up to Dill Pickle Deli on the "Motor Mile" in Johnson City from 11:00 a.m. 'til 1:00 p.m. each Saturday morning for some fun Bluegrass and old Country. You'll love this bunch of guys. Say hi to Ed, Jim, Niles, George and Pete for me. :)

    My favorite place is in Rheatown at the Market, about 25 miles from Elizabethton. When you get to Rheatown, musicians have been meeting there every Saturday night starting at six and ending around ten. for over 35 years. Famous pickers come here a lot and you'll get to meet some wonderful pickers. Say Hi to Andrew, Josh, Travis, Marc, Rob, Elizaabeth, John, Sonny and the gang. :)

    There's also Bluegrass in Unicoi (look up Niles Onks) and Erwin (look up Ron Duncan, Jerry Sams, Lincoln Hensley) even the Sheriff of Unicoi County (Mike Hensley) picks a mean banjo, and be sure to hit Bristol; it has all kinds of Bluegrass. Dan Boner will show you the ropes. Who knows, you may even enroll in the Bluegrass program offered at ETSU.

    Best Wishes. Fred

  • Welcome and I hope to see you soon, Gunnar! Fred has some great advice above.

  • Thanks y'all!!

    Especially Fred! I will definitely have a look at all of those places, and extend your greetings wherever applicable

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