Southern Flavor

Hey everyone from Florida!!!! My practice version of Southern Flavor I see many of you are in for some white stuff. Stay safe !!!


  • Nancy! That is absolutely beautiful! I love that fiddle too! What is that on the front of your fiddle up by your fingerboard? I see that on a lot of fiddles and never knew what it was.

    I'm in Kentucky we had us a couple inches today. Gonna get super cold again tonight!

  • @Double A ----It's a small tuner that hooks on edge of the violin. Best thing to have when playing

  • Nice fiddlin', Nancy. Great sounding fiddle, too.

    Aaron, I'll bet that thing you're talking about on her fiddle is a tuner that fastens to the fiddle. I've got one, too. They're real handy. :)

  • @Double A We just moved to Florida from WV......not really missing the snow. LOL

  • @Double A If you go to Amazon and search fiddle tuner it will pop up. Not expensive

  • @Nancy Bitter awesome thanks. I have that clips on to my bottom pegs but I dont like it. Cant really play with it on. Im going to get one like yourn! Thanks!

  • Nice fiddling, Nancy! Soak up a little sun for us from Florida...been snowing to beat the band, as they say, here all day long and gonna probably get down to single digits overnight.

  • @cricket Thanks Cricket. Has been in 30's at nite here. But no white stuff thank you!!!

  • Yikes...better put on a winter coat You can soak up some sunshine later in the spring.

  • Sounding great, Nancy! Thank you for posting!

  • Thanks everyone for the positive support !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this! Never heard of that song title. I want to learn it now. 😄

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