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Now the Nashville shuffle, aint a problem. Cajun shuffle, that one took me a bit, I'm not going to lie. This Georgia shuffle? I cant get it, it is kicking my butt. Im going to keep praciticing, I will overcome it. I just wanted to share my frustrations. Intermediate may be a bit for me right now, but Ill come back around and own it! I was playing Groundhog when I found it. Any other songs with the Peach Pickin Shuffle you guys would recommend? I gave up and went and visited Margaret, we Waltzed for a spell, but I kept steppin on her toes! 🤣🤣🤣


  • There's a guy on youtube that pretty much plays mainly in Georgia shuffle...of course now I can't think of his name...Carney maybe??? I'll see if i can find his site...he's in California and he puts up a lot of instructional videos of stuff he plays...or he used to...not sure if he still does or not. I watched his videos back several years ago during lunch at work (along with John Cockman's videos back then)...I didn't have a fiddle yet, but I knew I would get myself one and try to start playing as soon as I could retire, so I was gettin'!

    Ok...Chris Carney is his name. He's like 90 per cent Georgia Shuffle and he knows how to play it like it just sounds totally natural...for anything he's playing.

  • Thanks Cricket. I will definately check him out!

  • Careful, once you get the GA shuffle you will be putting it into EVERYTHING. Remember, everything in moderation :)

  • John, oh yea! I can believe it. It sounds super cool. I have been jammin to Groundhog, my wife came in today and heard you singin and she totally thought someone was in the livin room playin with me! Haha. I was playing the beginner version while you were burnin up the hard stuff and it sounded really cool, when I wasnt dancin and causin a squeak that is. Haha! Catchy tune. I had never heard it before.

  • Old tune, I learned it from Laura Boosinger

  • Hi, Am working on the Georgia shuffle and find the groundhog video very helpful. Is the tune Shortening Bread a good one to learn the Georgia Shuffle? Have been trying to do it. thanks, Joe

  • That is a good one! For fun, try "Cajun Fiddle" using the Georgia shuffle

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    So, what is this groundhog video y’all are talking about? One of @cricket’s? I’m wandering into the shuffle arena, and am finding I don’t know what to DO with them. I mean, wouldn’t the notation of a given tune automatically make you use a given shuffle? I did a few of them (can’t remember which ones) as a stand alone lesson, but afterwards I thought “ok, did it. Now what?”


  • The notation does show you the shuffle, and after a few times you begin to get a "feel" for it!

  • Thanks, @John (BGD) ! I find I breathe different when I'm listening to someone play a shuffle of sorts. I'm getting to where I can hear them in various tunes now. I hear some people mess around and include it in tunes that don't have it already written in...changing the rhythm just enough to incorporate it, but not enough to where a person can't recognize the tune. Hope to accomplish that myself, one of these days...

  • You'll get there, I'm sure!

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