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As I stated in my intro post, I started fiddlin again after a 20 some odd year hiatus. To be honest, I picked it back up to get my mind off of some stuff, in the past I would just go fishin. Well, I'm a pretty busy fellar and its time to slow down. I am waiting to get into a cardiologist. Seen pulminoligist yesterday. Been having some breathin trouble the past year or so which has worsened. I fell off of my grain bin (18 foot) this summer. Broke T10, T11, T12 and shattered the facet at T10 in my back. Well... since then my breathin has gotten worse. Figured because I rode the couch for 4 months and got out of shape. Well, my heart rate was at 215 yesterday. Been bouncin around 180 all day today.

Anyway, I have been fiddlin to get my mind off of all of this. Im 33. If y'all dont mind throwin up some words to God on my behalf, I sure could use em about now. I'm gonna keep practicing some fiddlin therapy til I get some answers. I aint been here long, but I can tell this is a great group. Preciate y'all.



  • Oh gosh...sorry to hear that. Fiddliing is great therapy. Our daughter had a rapid heart beat and went to several cardiologists until one of them did thyroid in her bloodwork and discovered she was hyper thyroid...maybe not your answer but I would at least hope cardiologists these days would check that if there's no other obvious reasons. Rapid heart rate really makes ya feel like total bleck...for sure. Here's hoping and praying that all goes well and your docs can get you back on your feet again. Hope the fiddle is some good medicine for you too. Hang in there and let us know how it all goes. Praying for things to get better for you fast.

  • Preciate ya Cricket. Waitin is the hardest part. Everything you do, I'm like this could give me a heart attack. I'm sure Ill be fine. Was your daughters condition corrected with medicine? Thanks again!

  • I know the waiting is one of the worst things. I think fiddling will be a helpful way to deal with it.

    Well it's a long story with my daughter, but they did give her some medication that slows down the thyroid hormones and then her heart got TOO eventually she got to where she didn't need any medication. She had a valve thing going on for a while, but that cleared up it all got better. She was feeling pretty miserable for a while though.

    I sincerely hope and pray you will be ok soon and all of this will be behind you, and you'll be all practiced up on the fiddle too.

  • Saying a prayer for you... My dad recently got a pacemaker. I know you're young but you might want to ask your physician. I know God's got something special for you because you probably should not have survived that fall!

  • Aaron I am hoping for the very best for you.

  • Thanks guys I appreciate it. Gonna be a while before I can get into cardiologist, so hurry up and wait we do. Im just tryin to take it easy in the meantime. Thank you for the kind words and prayers!

  • @John (BGD) i thought the same thing..”he survived that?!?!” Yeah God’s got some plans. Some friends and I are reading through the Bible in 365 days and are currently on the story of Joseph being sold into slavery etc, and how everything that happened was God weaving His plan.

    wonder what God’s plans are for @Aaron?

    meanwhile, enjoy fiddling and banjoing😃

  • Thanks Lisa B! That is such a fun story! I am interested in the 365. How many chapters a day is that! Been a while since I have read the whole thing through. Now may be the perfect time.

    God watched over me that day. I layed in the barn for 4 hours screaming for help, cell phone was charging in my truck. I eventually crawled to my truck and was able to get help. That day opened my eyes a little wider.

  • Here's a good site with PDFs you can download... I'm currently doing the chronological plan!

  • I can't imagine what you went through... That is quite a testimony

  • Oh my word! I can’t even imagine!!

    the number of chapters vary. We’re using YouVersion for our plan. We read a handful of verses each day, then we can all comment at the end. Sadly, I’m a few days behind. I’ll probably catch up over the weekend though 🙏🏻

  • Oh man...glad you are still with us, Double A.

  • Welp, had me a little episode yesterday that landed me in the hospital. When your 33 years old and in pretty good health, some people dont take you too seriously when you say you are having heart issues. May have had a mild heart attack, they werent sure. Been waiting over a month to get into a cardiologist, I now have an appointment today! Downfall is I am going to be wearing this dadgum heart monitor for a while. I got probes all over the place and what do you know they had to put one right where my fiddle rests. I used to be able to "hip" fiddle if you will , but I got a probe there too. Hahaha No fiddlin for me for a while. Im still around just gonna be livin vicariously through y'all for a bit! Catch it on fire!

  • Sorry to hear that, Double A. My husband had to wear one of those things...then they never could find the results so he had to do that all over gonna cheer you up to hear that I guess, but hopefully yours won't get lost and they will figure out what is going on and be able to get you back up and running again...back up and fiddling too. I'm sending good vibes, good wishes, prayers out your way for things to get better and for your peace of mind while waiting it out. Take care.

  • I wish you the absolute best anybody could wish for you, Double A.

  • Thank you @cricket and @Frederick. Im doin ok, and I will be ok. Im just tired and wore out all the time. Tired of waitin. Hopefully we can find something soon and get the ol ticker tickin like it ought to.

  • herrs hoping they find out what’s wrong. Meanwhile do you have a mando you could mess with? Least till all the wires and things are removed? It’s not eXACTly the same, but at least it’ll be something…?

  • @lisab I have "fiddled" haha with a madolin in the past. My grandad has one. I do have a buddy bringin me a banjo this week possibly, so I may try that out.

  • Double A I pray they get it figured out and fixed soon!

  • Update

    Im still around. Unfortunately I have had two mild heart attacks since I posted this thread. Finally headed back to the cardio tomorrow for some results on what seems like 100 tests lol lol.

    I havent fiddled a lick, still need a new bow haha. I have been having a blast with the banjo, I have Boil them cabbage down, cripple creek, cumberland gap in the repertoire (did I spell that right? More of a math guy) and currently workin on Will the circle be unbroken. Amongst all of this its calving season! I got youngins runnin all over the place. I suspect another newborn tonite!

    The good news is, its spring break so I am getting plenty of rest while burnin the midnight oil! Going to try and go to a music shop on Thursday, maybe get a new bow. Then I plan to record some jam sessions on the fiddle and banjo!

    Thank you for the prayers! I really appreciate it!

  • Sounds like a lot on your plate, Double A. Hope the cardiologists can get you back in shape as a fiddle so to speak. Take it easy and hope you get your new bow too. Hang in there. Hope to hear your jam sessions!

  • I had a heart attack that killed the basal part of the back of my heart way back in 2006. I had 4 stents and later in the week, 5 bypasses. Fast forward up to 2021 I went in to the heart doc and he fixed my angina pains (pretty much gone but not all of it...but much better) with isosorbide mononitrate extended release 30 mg tor once a day in the a.m. (I take a few other pills, too.

    I was so worried about having to undergo more bypasses but he's got me running pretty good without all the fuss.

    I feel for you, Aaron and wish you the absolute very best in all that goes on with you. Fred

  • Aaron, thank you for the update. The is very worrisome and I pray your tests go well today. John

  • I, too, join my thoughts and prayers with the others. “Rest” and “burning the midnight oil” aren’t usually synonymous 🤨

    take care of yourself. 😇

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