Replacement Bow???

I am looking for a replacement bow. I am still fiddling an old cheap chinese fiddle that came with a "glasser" bow, I am assuming this is fiberglass? Anyway, the frog is cracked and the pour ole thing is just worn out. What is a decent replacement bow? I am not looking to break the bank here, as I am fiddling a 50 dollar violin at best (resale value). If I stick with it I will find me a better fiddle later on. Atleast something with some fine tuners haha.

Thanks in advance yall, excuse me while I go make some more awful screeches!


  • I’ve had a couple of the $60ish ones and they’re good

  • I agree totally with Angela...I've been using the carbon fiber bows...both cheap and pretty good at the same time.

    I did get nervous about my bows going bad and me having no way of fixing them, so I bought a "Incredibow" a few years back...supposedly it's about indestructible and lasts for years even with professionals who play all the time. They are handmade...cost about as much as two carbon fiber bows...but I worried I'd be stuck bowless at some point or another. Not sure if they are still making incredibows....but the family was I believe in Arkansas somewhere and made each one to order. It's all man-made materials and looks like it would last forever...they actually sound good...I mean...I'm less squeaky and squawky with the incredibow, but the one thing I don't like is the tension is "factory set," i.e., they just make it to a typical bow tension (I play with very loose bow tension ), and there's no the place where you hold the bow makes my thumb all exhausted-feeling...because I hold the bow with my thumb under the frog...but it's usable and sounds good and still in-waiting in case I run into some bow disaster and need it. For anybody who likes more tension and holds the bow in the regular way, it might be a more comfortable fit. But like I said...I'm not sure if they are still making them or not.

  • Oh well I just looked, and looks like Incredibow is still there.

  • Ok, I spent the morning looking at this thing. This is unique! Haha i am not sure I can get past the factory tension. That would probably take a lot of getting used to. It looks as if she really stands behind her product though!

  • That Incredibow looks interesting. On another note, it looks as though International Violin has a sale on carbon fiber bows coming in at around $40.00.

  • I have a friend in Canada that has an incredibow and loves it.

    I have 3 different Codabows and love them on my 5 string fiddle. Crazy thing is I have a mezzo forte carbon fiber fiddle that I love and it sounds best with a wooden bow. Go figure!

  • Fiddling is not a cheap hobby. Plus, where some of us live, there's not much in the way of a store where you can go try out various types of bows...seems it's always taking a chance when you order online.

  • Log one more vote for the Fiddlerman CF bow as an inexpensive travel option.

  • Thanks y'all! I did find a violin shop, the guy said we dont do fiddles haha but I was more than welcome to come try out some bows to see what I like.

  • John (BGD)
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    hmph, "we don't do fiddles"

  • Don't do fiddles???? What a party pooper!

  • Yea, Im gonna try to perfect part 3 of boilin them cabbages, and go try out their bows! Lol lol lol lol dont do fiddles. You in kentucky, they fixin to learn!

  • Are you calling yourself Double A because of the Kentucky highway? We had a new library director come in from Texas, in the library where I worked, and his first and last name started with A...everybody just immediately started calling him Double A and he was like..."What?" I guess that's what it means around here, anyway. I don't think you're close to that highway... they didn't complete it until right about when we moved up here from southern KY. Anyway, living here...Double A brings that road to mind.

  • I like Double A...easy to remember!

  • Haha. I am familiar with the Double A, you can forget about cell service on it, but I never travel it. I have had this nickname for probably 30 years. My name is AAron. Haha. Thanks Cricket.

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  • Yea thats goin be my avatar! Lol

  • I have an incredible. Use it as my primary bow. I’ve got a few “regular”Carbon Fibers. I like the permanent tension on the bow. It’s easier for me to do double stops, seems like. If you look up Brett dudenhoeffer on social media, you’ll see one in action.

  • I have one as well. Not my favorite bow but it's indestructable. I bring it out in bad weather.

  • @ditto. I feel all we have IS bad weather. High humidity anyway.

    I don’t think I’ve found my “forever” bow. Maybe one day lol

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