How in the world do you learn how to improvise?


  • Understanding the chord progression well, and having a choice of "go to" licks memorized that will fit different chords is a great start.

    Take for instance two tunes in the key of G.
    Both start out with two measures of G
    Take the melody from tune one and insert it into the first two measures of tune two.
    you have just improvised...

    another example: You know two breaks to the same tune.
    take a lick from any chord in one break and replace it with the corresponding lick from the other break.
    You have just "improvised"

    Once you've done these type things for long enough you can grab things from your "toolbox" on the fly, so to speak, and insert them to fill in while playing without planing it all out ahead of time.

    The big trick is playing something that fits the song.
  • Yes, agreed; knowing chords major and minors of the various keys is well—key LOL With improvisation, you can play the melody of the tune and add some “decoration” to the line. If the melody goes from ….for example…a C note to an F note, instead of ONLY playing a C then an F, why not do a quick little run? C, D, E, F (keeping in rhythm of course) If you’re ending a song that’s an e note, d note, and a final C note… put in a quick triplet, like e, D(e, d) C!

    Hope this helps!

  • @John (BGD) I would love for John to give out a lesson specific to this....It sound easy but for some of us that are relatively new it sounds complicated.......

  • I keep starting a series on improv but never finishing... I will do it for sure.

  • Oh boy! Now we've got something to look forward pressure, of is tough enough without anything added going into the would be a great idea.

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