The Golden Lion Awards Night

<blockquote>Hi everyone!  I just wanted to let y'all know that the Golden Lion awards night will be held <strong>around mid January 2022.</strong> The exact date is still yet to be finalized.

I know it has been an awkward year for many of our members, and not everyone has been up to posting their performance videos in the Lion's Den / Composer's Corner, but I would like to encourage everyone,  especially beginner fiddle players, to post some of their videos. Not only will you get some great feedback from some of the greatest people on planet Earth, but *your videos will also be considered for an award on our exclusive awards night. All new members of 2021 are greatly encouraged to start posting their performance vidz. So, stop feeling shy and start making your videos.

The Golden Lion awards are now is (I think) their sixth year. So come on! Post videos of your fiddle playing and be part of a fabulous evening.

<strong>Your videos should be have submitted from January 1 -- December 31 of 2021.</strong>

<strong>Want to be a Golden Lion Award night sponsor?</strong> Please contact John to make arrangements.

* The submission of at least four videos is required for award consideration demonstrating (for beginners) their weekly / monthly improvements. All other non-beginner submissions are considered using different criteria.</blockquote>
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