Florida Greetings

Hey everyone!!!

We are now full time in  Florida and God has blessed us beyond our dreams.  Our home sold in 11 days and well over the asking price.  We took the $$$$$ and ran to start our new adventure.  Down sized to a small hurricane proof home, have found several jammers and still searching for a home base church.  Just wanted to say "hey" and in touch with BGD.

Take care everyone!!!




  • Hey, so happy for y'all. Great to have you back on the forum. Have a great day and have fun with your musician friends. Take care. Fred
  • Congratulations and I hope you all love your new home, new adventures, and new jammin' buddies!
  • Hey Nancy, that is great news! What town are you in? We winter in Bonita Springs.

  • Thanks Cricket.....Carole, I am in Vero Beach
  • Thanks Cricket.....Carole, I am in Vero Beach

    Thanks Fred
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