What fiddle tunes are you working on?

I'm interested in what tunes our forum members are working on at present. I've been learning quite a few tunes lately and pretty much have them down to where I can play them out and around where I jam and perform. The latest two (which I'm not ready to play out and around with) are: "A Tune for Andy" and "Greg Brooks Breakdown".

I'll bet there are quite a few taking Dr. John's lessons and/or learning tunes from YouTube videos, so I'm sure we have a diverse range of fiddle tunes and styles and would love to hear some member input. Any takers? :)


  • I am working on Jerusalem Ridge !!!!  Got 95% down.  Just need the last ending and then speed up
  • I usually don't work on much these days...just strapped for time, but I'm hopeful...lol.  I've been thinking about looking into Dixie Hoedown again...I tried it once and really watered the thing down just to be able to almost handle it.  I'd have to do that again, I'm sure, but maybe I could make it sound better by now.
  • Wow, Nancy, Jerusalem Ridge is a pretty involved tune...good for you!  I hope to hear you play one of these days!
  • Well today I suddenly got a hankerin' to play that tune, Me and My Fiddle...I tried it once several years ago and kinda stumbled through in a kindergarden or preschool way with it...didn't do much of course.  The original guy who did it really did a great job, and then Michael Cleveland got a hold of it...these are 8 string fiddles these guys use on that tune and they just play the daylights outta them things.  Mine would still barely be kindergarden, 4 string if I could manage...maybe one of thse days I can try it again.  You ever played around with that one, Fred?
  • https://youtu.be/y3R6HV732RY

    Well I found the original guy, Benny Martin, on a fourstring...

    ...and, well go ahead and have a look at Michael Cleveland playing it on his eight string if you feel like burning your fiddles today...lol...


    It's probably just ridiculous for me to ever fancy trying to learn this one.
  • Here's another one...

  • I love the way Benny and Michael play this tune. I also like the way Daniel Greeson plays it:

    <a href="https://youtu.be/U8d0Cz4MOY8">https://youtu.be/U8d0Cz4MOY8</a>

    I'm gonna learn how to play this tune, Peggy. Hang on for a while because I'm trying to perfect a couple others before moving on. But I'll put this one next in line. :)
  • <em>A Tune for Andy</em> is a fine one! I've been messing with it off & on for a couple years now. Probably one of those tunes I'll never play out but enjoy working on myself.

    Most recently,<em> Faded love</em> (three parts/two fiddles), a "hot break" for <em>Washington County</em> are probably the main things I'm trying most to work out.

    Biggest project right now is tearing apart and writing our Kenny Baker & Stuart Duncan versions of <em>Whitehorse Breakdown</em>.

    Thinking of getting back onto <em>Done Gone</em> also.
  • Wow, Fred!  That's so cool...I love Me and My Fiddle.  Can't wait to hear you play it.

    Dave, sounds like you're keeping busy with the tunes too.  And I'll say it again, I can't wait to hear YOU play 'em too!

    You guys are inspiring me to get busy and do some learnin'.  Today, waiting for grandson to come over to spend the day, I grabbed down the fiddle and tried a little Gardenia Waltz, which I painstakingly learned here from the excellent lesson here, a few years back, promptly forgot it all, went through it again last winter when I got hit with a run-through-every-lesson-on-here attitude, just for fun to get through the wintertime...then this afternoon I kinda surprised myself with how much of it I remember.  I used to practice and always try to keep learning something new...I've gotten busy, tired, and lazy...lol...now I only play on a day when I get the chance to record something.  But feeling inspired to work on some tunes again now...Gardenia Waltz for one...I'm not that far from having it...go back to the Faded Love lessons here, try figuring out Me and My Fiddle...etc., etc., etc.  So many tunes!  Gotta learn 'em!
  • Peggy, I'm about done working for the year and will start recording again soon I hope.
  • I love playing the "Paris Waltz" when I think of it. I'll grab the fiddle sometimes and I might play twenty or so tunes before I set it down and as usual I forget to play this waltz and it's really pretty. I also love "Gardenia Waltz".

    This fiddle album is one of my favorite laid-back duet-style ones I've ever heard. I love it! Chubby Wise and Howdy Forrester....how could it get any better? !!

    <a href="https://youtu.be/nd4cYT6vNzM">https://youtu.be/nd4cYT6vNzM</a>

    I look forward to the winter months so we can all get back together here on the forum. :)
  • Dave, and Fred...and everybody...hope we can all get some good music goin' around here as the winter months approach!

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