Long Cold Winter help!

This tune played by Blaine Sprouse, Kenny Baker, Aubrey Haynie and others has got me stumped at a small part of the third part.

<a href="https://youtu.be/M0kYZR3_jhY">https://youtu.be/M0kYZR3_jhY</a>

I even have the sheet music to it but I think there must be some kind of sliding trick or something on the tail end of the 3rd part, measures 30 and 31. Any body know what I'm talking about? Help, please. :)

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  • Well, I think I may have figured it out...or at least came up with a way to make it sound similar to the recording. On <strong>measure 30</strong>, the first note is played with my middle finger and slid down to the second note. The 3rd note is played with the index and the 4th with the ring. The 3rd beat of the measure is a triplet played middle-ring-middle followed by the 4th beat played with the index.

    This is difficult but seems to make the most sense and I am increasing the speed so I'll stick with this method.

    If anyone comes up with a better, smoother way, please let me in on it. Thanks. :)
  • Well I'm glad you figured it out...lol...I sure have no idea what you're talking about...lol.  But hope you'll play it for us one of these days!
  • Here's the way Aubrey Haynie plays measures 30 and 31. The first note of each measure is slid to the second note. There are slight rhythmic variations from the sheet music version played by Blaine Sprouse and the playing of Aubrey Haynie. I have tried to keep to Haynie's method. Haynie, of course - like all great fiddlers - never plays it the same way twice.

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  • Thanks, Peggy. When I get settled in a bit more, I'll record a bunch of these tunes and share them here.

    I also appreciate all the tunes you share here on the forum and on YouTube. :)
  • Well, I sure am happy that I found this tune, slowed it down to a crawl and learned how to fiddle it. I am having a blast with it. I have it up to speed now ( Long Cold Winter").

    I also have managed to get three other tunes that I've been working on also up to speed. They're all in the key of F:  "Foghorn Leghorn", "Crafton's Blues" and "Hamilton Special". I'm heading out tonight to play fiddle and I'll bet anything I'll be playing these numbers when the circle comes around to me. :) I'm really enjoying my fiddle lately! :)
  • Can't wait until some day you will play 'em for us.  I just got motivated to start practicing again when my presonus went kaplooey...lol.  I'm gonna spend my energy and time practicing and give myself some time to figure out what to do to record again next.
  • I guess I'll be spending a lot of time on the lessons page here again...lol.
  • Peggy, I read your posts on FHO and certainly wish you all the best in tackling the many problems with Presonus Studio One. If I remember correctly, I think you have the latest version 5.3 but I may be mistaken.

    I've spent an incredible amount of time practicing lately. "Cold Hard Winter" has been considerably more difficult than I expected, mostly due to the C Part and the strange fingering and rhythmical sequence involved. But it has finally come together. :)

    There's a built-in disappointment with learning all these difficult pieces and that is the simple fact that many of the musicians I play with just can't seem to get the chord patterns down quickly and that limits me from performing the tunes at jam sessions because everyone seems to want to play the easy stuff or the stuff they already know.

    Tunes like "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz". "Gardenia Waltz", "Mc Hattie's Waltz", "Mississippi Waltz", "Charmaine", "Long Cold Winter", "Foghorn Leghorn", Crafton's Blues", "Hamilton Special" and so many, many others are just out-of-bounds at jam sessions.

    I miss having really well-versed musicians to perform with. Every once in a while things will gel and I'll get to jam with pickers who have studied Bluegrass for many years, deeply and can tell chord progressions as they hear the tunes.

    So, in a way, much like yourself, (but perhaps for different reasons) I enjoy music the most when I'm alone and also when I'm multi-tracking. I share your frustrations with equipment failures. No enjoyment there!
  • I'm sure that's frustrating, Fred.  I happened to turn on the TV the other day and our local Public Broadcasting station had a concert with a bunch of old BGrass greats...JD Crowe on banjo and anyway they had Bobby Hicks on fiddle.  He played Faded Love and even those guys couldn't get the chord progression right for him...they finally got it together the last time around...lots of grins and chuckles with what a tough time they were having getting the right chords in there.
  • <a href="https://youtu.be/sKAW559kRnA">https://youtu.be/sKAW559kRnA</a>

    About the only musician (fabulous guitarist) I know who can keep up with Bobby Hicks on the first try is Joey McKenzie. He knows about every chord and where it's used the best. He's a sought after accompanist at every big-time shindig around. :) Here he is picking with Ridge Roberts.
  • Last night, Friday the 6th, I took my fiddle to a Bluegrass jam at the "Anderson House" an antique early-settlement log cabin in Blountville, TN which is now a museum commemorating the well-known fiddler Ralph Blizard.

    I have struggled for a couple of weeks to learn to play "Long Cold Winter" up to speed and out of the blue, I managed to interest musicians in the band I'm in (Midnight Grass) to learn it and play along.

    It was so much fun to jam on this tune. Tonight, I am going to try to interest other musician friends to play it at the Bluegrass jam session I usually attend in Rheatown, TN.

    This is such a cool fiddle tune. I think it was composed by Kenny Baker, but it may have been Blaine Sprouse.
  • Glad you got to play it!  I know a tune will drive you crazy until you get the chance...lol.
  • @Frederick how can I get sheet music for this??

  • Nancy, I believe I have written this down somewhere and I will look for it and post it here soon. Right now, I'm having trouble accessing any of my documents and I cannot understand it. Fred

  • Here's an arrangement transcribed and arranged from the playing of Blaine Sprouse from Brian Wood from California. Brian did a great job with this.

  • Here is my practice video. It may or may not help. Fred

  • That's awesome, Fred, thank you for posting

  • You're very welcome, John. It's a great fiddle tune that's a blast to play.

  • @Frederick Got the music !!!! Thank you!!!!

  • My pleasure, Nancy. :)

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