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  • I am a guitar player moving into the fiddle, so I have a different sense of scales and tonality.  Obviously, the most natural keys for fiddle are G, D, and A, and more awkwardly, C.  However, if you  can play in C, you are already forced to play finger positions that are more difficult than sticking to G, D, and A.  I think of keys of Eb, Ab, and Bb as 'horn keys'.   If you are playing jazz or blues, you better be able to find your way around in those keys.

    It takes a little bit of thought to adapt those keys to the fiddle, but, I think you would be surprised how easy it is once you seriously map out the three major scales in the open position and begin to play some arpeggios (major, minor, dom7, etc.) in those keys.

    You can find 'Indian Drone' videos on YouTube:

    <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ay8DFEv6g">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0ay8DFEv6g</a>

    If you run one of those drone files in the background, it is easy to begin to explore tonality in the appropriate key on the fiddle.

    I think it is worth the effort.


  • Fred, yes it's a great sounding key for this waltz for sure!

    I played an entire set (while opening for Osborne bros & R. Stanley) in F#...Band leader/guitar player was overly nervous...stuck his capo in the wrong spot on the first song and never moved it...haha

    Pulled Bass for Delia Bell & Bill Grant at a festival once...they played only in C# & F# through both sets.
  • These oddball keys give me the shivers to even think about...lol.  Even with a capo...to me, well I use capos quite a bit, but they can tend to give the guitar a sound like it just inhaled the helium out of the balloon.
  • Wow, Dave. That had to be quite a test in concentration!

    I just learned a "new" fiddle tune this morning. I had never even heard it before now and happen to click on a Michael Cleveland video of he and his band playing it. I've since heard a bunch of fiddlers playing it. It's called "Two O'clock in the Morning". It's a blast to play. I'm gonna play it tonight at the Old Country jam I attend on Monday nights just for the fun of it. It's a simple tune but a lot of fun.......... :)

    Watch those shivers, Peggy...ha ha.
  • What key is 2 o'clock in, Fred?  Please don't make my shivers any worse...lol.  Have fun playing it with your pickin' pals!
  • <a href="https://youtu.be/G39uvT2cKUY">https://youtu.be/G39uvT2cKUY</a>

    In all the videos I've learned from this morning, they're all in the key of D.

    I think I'll try to record it and post it on here this afternoon.....:)
  • Great key...lol.  Nice fiddling, Fred!  That B part reminds me of Flop Eared Mule... sounds great.  Thanks for sharing...I'd never heard that one before.
  • Hi y'all!

    I'm still here; althought I have been a little anti-social for a bit (caused by a change in medicine);  I'm starting to come back out of my shell after a couple weeks, though.

    I started violin lessons to get me back up to speed on what I used to know 30 years ago, lol!  What I remember being taught is definitely different that what I am being taught now, and that is probably a good thing.   I am learning how to hold the bow a little differently (a definite challenge after the tendon surgery on my right hand for a boxers knuckle injury - and no, I didn't get to punch anyone, lol).  I am also working on my posture and such for holding the violin more correctly (another challenge with the hardware in my left humerus/elbow area).  Challenges can make or break ya;  good things will come of all this!

    I have learned one thing; I have always had a habit of playing magical, mystical notes with the fingers on my left hand, as if I was playing some music on my invisible violin.  I really seemed to have done it a lot since a car wreck I was in a couple years ago, and wondered just what on earth I was trying to play.  I picked up the violin, and by ear, started to tap out those notes on the strings.  It appears that at some point in my youth, I must have been playing "Love Me Tender" on my violin!  I tried tapping it out and playing it on the A string, and that was too high.  I dropped it down to the D string, and it was perfect, lol.  I am guessing that deep down inside, my little violinist is trying to get out!  :)

    Anyways, I do hope everyone is doing ok!
  • Finger memory will never let you down!  Glad you are feeling better!
  • Hey, Peggy, you're right...it does sound a lot like Flop-eared Mule. :)

    Best of luck to you in your endeavors, Patricia. :)
  • Hi everyone !  I hope y'all are keeping safe and happy (as best you can).

    Fred -- I'm sorry to hear of your more recent loss.

    Thanks everyone for your hellos.  I am still interested in a new computer self-build but other things have become more immediate ;  so me blowing a lot of money on a new build has made me cautiously re-think my options.

    I have noticed a couple more new members sharing their thoughts in this forum, and I would like to give them a big WELCOME ! to BGD.  Great place to hang out, great lessons, and great people to make friends with.  Always something for everyone here.
  • Thank You very much, Scott. I truly appreciate it. :)
  • I had a great time practicing with fellow band members this past Saturday in Heber Springs, AR. Word is out that "Hit or Miss" practices at the triple A building every Saturday and now we have so many folks showing up to listen that we've hooked up our big PA system so every one can hear a nicely balanced song/instrumental each time.

    We are absolutely having a good time. Cannot wait until this crazy virus is over so we can start hitting the big audiences again. :)

  • How wonderful! I am hoping to be in a jam soon. Glad you had a great time!
  • Sounds like fun, Fred.  Hope yours was good, Lisa.

    Nothing much happening here...no time for music...nobody to play it with anyhow...lol.  Hope y'all do have a nice holiday weekend and find some jamming going on and stay safe and healthy too!
  • Thanks, Lisa and Peggy. Hope you both get to play some music in the near future. Have a great weekend. :)
  • Well, I'm still in Texas, waiting to get my flights back sorted out, and I just got a new guitar! I'm gonna try to be on here a little more often if I can, but been pretty busy.
  • Glad you could find the time to check in, Gunnar.  Hope you can hang around some with us.  Even though a lot of people have been stuck inside in the whole pandemic thing, seems the internet is actually more quiet than usual...wonder what everybody's doin?  Lol...probably their kids are keeping them really busy, maybe.  Anyhow...glad to hear from you.
  • Change of seasons is always slower on the forums.

    Not much change here...work every morning, fiddle something every day...
  • Today, the 22nd of September I turned 70 years of age and spent a good deal of the day playing two of my favorite tunes from Byron Berline over and over again. They are: "Charmaine" and "Jumping the Strings". They are both in 3 sharps and a veritable blast to fiddle. If I ever get slowed down here a bit, I intend to record them and post them here. They're fun tunes and I would suggest them to my friends here on BGD.

    Have a great day. My family is taking me out for Chinese food so I'll be offline here and in line at the buffet. :)
  • Happy Birthday!!!  I just turned thirteen on the twentieth.
  • Happy belated Birthday, Mariar. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful B-day!
  • happy birthday to fred and to mariar!
  • Thank you! Cricket, your playing is absolutely amazing! I've seen a few of your videos on YouTube and....... #SPEECHLESS..... :) Anyway, my fave is Maiden's Prayer. Hope you keep playing!! :)

  • thanks, mariar.  at the moment im laid up with a pretty complicated broken wrist...had surgery on it thursday abd just hoping to get good use back soon.  cant play, cant cook, can barely eat, cant was dishes, cant walk dogs, cant tend to my garden, cant paint or draw...i mean i cant do anything.
  • I am so sorry! That must be terrible! Anyway, hurry up and get well soon so that you can play again! :)

  • Right now, I am in the process of being sick. Nothing bad, but it stinks, especially since I can't go to school in person because of it. :(  The good thing about being sick, though, it gives me plenty of time to look back on my past self (six months ago) and see how far I've come. It also is a plus because I can read all my books for the fiftieth time. :)

    SIDENOTE: Some great books:

    -<strong> Pride and Prejudice</strong>

    - <strong>A Night Divided</strong>

    - <strong>All Creatures Great and Small      All Things Bright and Beautiful    The                             Lord God Made Them All</strong>

    - <strong>Mutiny on the Bounty</strong>

    (You should read these.) :)



  • Sorry, forgot to mention, being sick also lets me practice my violin even more! :)
  • sorry to hear you are under the weather.  sounds like you have a great reading list there and yeah some practice time too.  hope you are feeling great and safely back in school again soon. take care.
  • Thanks, Cricket! :)

    At the moment I'm in a break for school so might as well get a song or two in before going back to ZOOM classes.
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