Last Date

This is an online fiddle lesson for the country song "The Last Date" by Floyd Cramer. This tune was requested by Steve Srader. Thanks again, Steve! See the full lesson here: <a href="">Last Date</a>


  • Thanks John , Boy do I have my work cut out for myself ! Of all the songs I have sponsored , This one , I am most proud of as searches for this tune are non existent , no where , has anyone on U tube , or anywhere else could I find this song as a solo violin tune , and Oh My, John , You have set the bar so high !!! I am so very proud of what you have done with this Floyd Cramer , Last Date tune , a violin standard by John Cockman that is the gold standard for this tune as a violin solo , and its the first ever , as far as I know , to be taught anywhere as a violin solo ,  <strong>Blue Grass Daddy , This is where its at !!!</strong>

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  • "(Lost Our Love) On Our Last Date"
    By Conway Twitty

    It's over, our love affair,
    Too late now I find I care
    Her sweet love, never more I'll share
    She's gone, I'm alone,
    I was wrong, should have known
    Took her home after our last date.

    I searched for a simply way
    To tell her what I had to say
    I kissed her then I turned away
    Set her free, foolishly, destiny, misery
    Tragedy, on our last date.

    Took my ring from her trembling finger
    Brushed the tears from my baby's eyes
    Walked away, didn't know
    That I'd soon miss her so
    I guess I was too young to realize.

    So blind I couldn't see
    How much she really meant to me
    And that soon she would always be
    On my mind, in my heart,
    I was blind from the start
    Lost her love on our last date...
  • Another good one!  Good job, John...thanks, Steve...I love the sound!
  • Thanks Very Much 199.00 life membership was the best money that I have spent. I have learned so much from you over the years. You are definitely the absolute best teacher I have ever met.
  • Great song! Thanks Steve & John!
  • Thanks, you all! I had a lot of fun with this song. :)
  • Floyd  Kramer's "Last Date" has haunted me for decades with it's beauty.  Considered learning piano, just to try to get some of his sounds out of my efforts , was a consideration back in the days that I was still earning a paycheck so  $$$$ came first.    Hearing you play it on the fiddle was an very pleasant surprise and YOU DO IT SPLENDIDLY!   Am stetting aside an hour today to see if first few measures will magically slide out of my fiddle.
  • That's great Ruckydoo I knew others would love this as much as I do and Blue grass Daddy is the only place its at as a fiddle solo .
  • Got a finger cramp in first few minutes of LAST DATE so will go visit a friend and try later.  Squeezing the neck way too hard, I suspect.   Looks like I'm doomed to pull amateurish stunts like that forever!
  • Ruckydoo I was getting finger and hand cramps every time I played a jam for more than six months maybe a year , finally I found I was sodium deficient and started adding about a quarter to a third teaspoon of salt to a quart of Gatorade and all my finger and hand cramps went away within pretty much the first day , for some reason it keeps recurring from time to time I just do it again at the first signs , I bought the powdered Gatorade and make up a few quart jars to keep in the fridge for when I need them .
  • Thanks for the tip, Steve.  Been kinda wondering about that as my sodium intake is seriously limited these days.  A vinegar (apple cider-Bragg brand) mixture with ginger root, horseradish root, onion, garlic, and some really hot peppers is what I found to limit some attention grabbing leg cramps and I use it everyday or I get a howling cramp during the night.  My carrying on wakes up the part of the house what we live in.    Just flexing my fingers a bit now  and all is well so will take another stab at it.    Just took another snort!   Have to listen to Dr. John do it a time or two  to have some badly needed correction in my double stops.  Most of  them  don't sound even a bit like his do yet.
  • I was also being brought out of bed by leg cramps  same time when I was having hand and finger cramps all my cramps were gone after salt and Gatorade . I think the health community goes a little to far with the no salt stuff , there was wars fought over the need for salt in the history books
  • Has there ever been anything that we haven't fought over?    When ever I hear of a reason to fight, I recall a scripture in James 4:1 and salt could probably fit right in there too as something to fuss about.  Still like the stuff but ,  as  in many things,  I may have overused it to the point of causing damage so have backed down with it quite a bit but am making some beef jerky at the moment and that should  give me about two extra weeks worth  of salt in a few bites.  I use a LOT  more pepper so that gives it some fine flavor.     Hands feel good so back to some fiddlin'.  Last Date is pulling me back.  Love that piece!
  • Sounds good, Ruckydoo...yum!  I just saw on the news the other day football players are now drinking pickle brine for muscle cramps.
  • Yes I have done pickle brine , but when you don't have any on hand , I do Gatorade and salt
  • Just don't try that Gatorade on a
  • I'll give that a try! I have found that Hylands Homeopathis Leg Cramp tablets work very well.

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    Ralph, there are some pretty difficult double-stops in that song. You may want to learn the single-note version first, then integrate the stops later!
  • Will do that, John.   Thanks.

  • Hey John since November 26 , 2017 I just now noticed on the performance video It says John Singing and playing Last Date , I waited and waited but no singing ! I can't believe I never noticed it before , But It does not matter cause the violin sang it for you better than any human voice could ! Ha
  • Hi John, This was my Mom's favorite song when she was still with us. I would dearly love to learn it, but I have trouble with double stops at this point. Can you possibly show tabs for single notes without the double stops?
  • The intermediate version looks like a single note version without double stops.
  • Hello again. I have been working on this and I have a question. I'm working with the intermediate level tabs because it doesn't have the double stops. But on measure 25, it's showing  0, 1, 2 on G then goes to an open D, but you are playing 0, 1, 2, 3 on G. I'm really wanting to get this correct while I am in the learning process. Your videos and tabs are such a blessing to me and help me to learn to play by ear and read tabs. Thank you so much for all you do.
  • Hello,

    I am not John, I just happened to make a comment since I noticed there was single notes version available.

    (But maybe it is the repetition sign that confuses. As I read it bar 24 ends with a repetition so first time around one plays up to bar 21 then bar 22,23,24 in order and then goes back to the start of the repetition ie bar 5 (G3) for the second time around and  then plays up to including bar 21 and then  jump over bar 22,23,24 and continue with bar 25 (D open.).
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