The Gael



  • I just learned this one, I downloaded the performance track a few weeks ago to add some good listening music to my phone, and got addicted to this one. So I've learned it. It'll be super fun once I get it up to speed, the rolls and grace notes are almost all exactly where I'd put them if I was just playing with it, so shouldn't be too hard. the timing makes it to a jig what a hornpipe is to a reel.
  • I just heard The Gael this afternoon as played by The Sons of Liberty (  in this video.
  • Well, I've been playing it quite a bit trying to get it smooth, and man is this song hard! Not technically hard, but physically exhausting. Cuz it's played on the low strings, so you have to hold your arm up, and apply a lot of pressure to the strings, I can go through about twice and then I feel like I've been lifting weights or something ??
  • I love this song soooo much! Thank you for doing it! Also, shout out to Arwen who made it sound AMAZING! :)
  • I am so enjoying learning this tune (my husband gets a peculiar look on his face when he hears me practicing it, though. Kind of like he bit into a lemon.). It is very challenging for sure and Arwen plays it beautifully, which is inspiring me. I’m playing it several times every day to encourage my old fingers to move a little faster.


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