Hi Everyone,

I hope I can gather support for a lesson on Redwing  :)


  • Redwing is a great tune Cynthia, and I see it's on the requested tunes list but the link comes up with "Road to Lisdoonvarna"
  • Peggy, I'm new here.  How do I find the "requested tunes list"?  I used the lesson search feature and also looked under the Lessons tab.

  • If you look at the lessons and scroll right to the bottom it will show you the requested tunes.  If they are in blue that means there should be a video on youtube but not a lesson here just yet.
  • Thanks for the request! Sorry about the bad link! I have fixed it. Below is a direct feed. I have also posted tablature of my current favorite Redwing break on the Sheet Music page, if you want to go there and download it!
  • Peggy thank you for clearing that up.

    John, thanks for Redwing and ALL the good work you do here!
  • Redwing is a jazzed up version of the old folk tune "The Happy Farmer", which is #16 in Suzuki book 1. Red Wing is probably in the top 10 of fiddle jam songs here in Alberta, although it is a simpler, less ornamented version than what John plays here.

    It is quite a study to see how you can take a simple folk tune and Fiddelize it up by adding the little runs, grace notes, etc.

    John, I'm not seeing the sheet music for Red Wing. There are 3 songs beginning with R, but no Red Wing on the Sheet Music page.
  • Give it another try, Rodger -- for some reason my last save attempt failed!
  • It has been so long , I am so happy to be here , cant get enough of Johns great lessons ! I am working on Redwing now , and the ward Allen version , thanks for the break notes and tab , its very good , I am just having trouble with the rhytm parts , but it is getting there , I think that there might be one bar missing or am I just getting bar 14 and 15 wrong ? I can get the main melodies but the intermediate or even advanced is what is interesting me , if I could get it down , haha , pas facile ... I hope everyone is doing well and practicing new tunes ! Happy to be back - Nagumaq

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